Pretty Brook (version #1) River Poets Quarterly, Lamberville, NJ

Fag Hag Anthology published by SRP (Bryan Borland) ‘Onion Ring’

Cowgirl At The River Bottom, hosted by Curio Poetry

Elizabeth Akin Stelling Bio hosted by Referential Magazine

Check Please hosted by Referential Magazine

History Pickets for Sorrowing Growth hosted by Referential Magazine

New River Falls, VA hosted by Referential Magazine

Avocado Green Kitchen With A Gold Accented Childhood hosted by Wordgathering

Forgotten Playgrounds Lay Waiting hosted by Tuck Magazine

Whenever There Is Water and A Bridge hosted by Tuck Magazine, also as seen in Vox Poetica

I’d Rather Death By Chocolate hosted by Linden Avenue Literary Journal (bottom Flash Fiction)

Crop To Cuisine Radio Personality hosted by CropToCuisine Radio (.) org, published on-line ‘Holiday Table’ December 2010

My Work At

Touched By The Hood– A photo/poem collaboration with Tyson West

Heart– A photo/poem collaboration with Tyson West

Small Knots– An artwork/poem collaboration with Yebyul Oh

Everything Is Beautiful To A Little Girl– An artwork/poem collaboration with Yebyul Oh

Tonight A Zombie Found A Way Out– An artwork/poem collaboration with Michael Baca

Dr. Sweets Candy Emporium– An artwork/poem collaboration with Michael Baca

Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears- My Father Was A Jazz Singer hosted by Vox Poetica

Arch hosted by Vox Poetica

Our Mark A collaboration with Pasquale Varollo

A Mothers Heart Speaks Volumes hosted by Vox Poetica

Waiting hosted by Vox Poetica

Vox Poetica hosted by Vox Poetica and unbound Content Publishers

All Aboard! On the Tour Bus of Life
By Elizabeth Stelling (prompts picture- street signs/corner)

The champion storyteller of justice will be your tour guide and all are guaranteed a fantastic pace car view from either side. The driver reminds us how a future tells you what to do along all the winding roads ahead; colors and shapes dictate where to go, although leave you hanging when chance brings you to unexpected forks, and quick decisions can pause.

A path to imagination drags deep tracks, images will begin to whirl, and are half-filled with truth bases. Injustice is brought to attention by corner ghosts; their tin can panning tugging at heartstrings. Once an old woman, fourth row back, right, shared sorrow in what had long disappeared: a stream along the wide open meadow trails, families building dream homes of local wood and mud without, and natives fighting for beliefs in their fire.

The only building remaining is falling and decrypted, there just beyond the bridge, added many years later. Once a thriving dry goods business stood in the distance with a bakery out of the back, dried meats hung along the side as children who survived killing fields ran laughing, almost whisking their bodies out in our path.

Take the fast train on the next trip if progress puts you off. Whistles blow when speeding past anything that could have meaning, while passengers all around sleepily carry on. Go ahead and bury heads in the sand. Everyone and everything that has been and is forgotten will get their revenge on death. What could have been remains just under the surface of rock, ground, grass, and asphalt, and are holding up the only signs of life

Italian Lovers Are Merely Mortals hosted by Wild River Review

vox poetica & unbound Content present-

Avocado Green Kitchen With A Gold Accented Childhood #32

Avocado Green Kitchen With A Gold Accented Childhood #18

Linden Ave Literary June 2013 Contributors Issue– (3 food poems)

Ars poetica- Muung Beans Lie With Quinoa
A Leaner Side: Pork and Beans Recap #1
al forno amore
Italian for ‘from the oven’

Wordgathering, June 2013  Uninvited after meeting Hal Sirowitz

US1 Princeton Packet Summer Fiction 2012, Summer’s Kiss

US1 Princeton Packet Summer Fiction 2013 ‘ Pretty Brook #3’ @20 collaboration with Tyson West, Dec 10th, 2013

Still Crazy Lit Mag published ‘Mirrored’ and ‘Can’t Shake These Cowgirl Blues’, Dec 2014 release

Anthology published by:

ESTRELLAS EN EL FUEGO!/STARS IN THE FIRE! The Alternative New Year’s Day Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza 20th ANNIVERSARY – ‘Can’t Shake These Cowgirl Blues’
Texas Observer printed ‘Cowtown 1975’, a poem from My South By Southwest: …Recollection collection available on Amazon – April 2014 Issue, in print
On Any Given Day (aka Paths Carry Familiarity) from my book, My South By Southwest: …Recollection available on Amazon – March 2015, not yet released on Literary Mama

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