WAMPP- Wine Art Music Poetry Projects

Elizabeth’s Wine Art Music Poetry Project is a grass roots festival that will be held in various locations throughout New Jersey. The first of its kind in the Garden State, so please join us for fun filled days of Wine Art Music Poetry and Performance Art.

Z-compostion Magazine

Z-compositions forum is to help showcase new and published writers who on occasion dwell in the shadows. We want those who are smitten bitten with the macabre. This site is a unique meeting ground for an array of artist.

Cowboy Poetry Press

Cowboys and cowgirls, heifers, madame’s, rustlers, train robbers, drifters, grifters, and thieves; dust off those boots, get out of the out house, and back to the rustic life- because we want all western related material- poetry, prose, flash fiction, artwork, and photography. We are a quarterly magazine for the past, present, and future western themes.

Annapurna Magazine

In Sanskrit ‘Anna’ means food and ‘purna’ means complete; together the term Annapurna signifies nourishing with food to the fullest. Also known as Annapoorna…

Welcome to Anna (food and grains) purna (full, complete, and perfect) Magazine’s Table: the goddess is here to help us stay nourished with our harvest,  our tables, our mouths, and through our minds. The senses of taste, smell, vision, and hearing help food become a very pleasurable experience; something that often comes through description- let us taste, smell, see, and hear your work.

Copyright Act of 1909- Copyrighted Material

This website and its contents are the property of its author Elizabeth Akin Stelling. Any use of materials on this website or printed materials, distributed without written permission, is prohibited. The website, authors name and affiliated logos and artwork are owned and copyrighted ©2013 by the owner, and can not be used in any way without permission.

Poetry, writings, artwork, and photography are property of the author and or artist who have graciously submitted to this site by way of Z-composition, Cowboy Poetry Press, and Annapurna Magazine. Authors, artist, and photographers individually own their poetry, writing, artwork, and photography. Use of their work without permission is forbidden without written permission from them individually.

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