Yes, it has. Outside of my abcess and oral surgery, things are going well- Red Dashboard LLC Publishing is off to a good start, my first book is finished, and a few new poems were picked up and are in StillCrazyLitMagazine – ‘Mirrored’ and ‘Can’t Shake These Cowgirl Blues’. Both recently written pieces.

I was invited to participate in a New Years Eve poetry/performance marathon reading in NYC- ESTRELLAS EN EL FUEGO!/STARS IN THE FIRE! The Alternative New Year’s Day Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza 20th ANNIVERSARY, and am excited. The literary scene is hopping this year and next. The AWP conference is in Seattle and I will be there for the week.

On a more personal note I will be having gastric bypass surgery, hopefully in the spring or summer. I am ready to shed the weight I gained after my daughter passed away 13 years ago. Getting around has been tough, it is time to begin anew in body, mind, and in spirit.

Happy New Year Everyone! PeACE… E

(photo above is Flanders the duck on Long Island- Northfork, Long Island, NY, and in Flanders the town)