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Hailing from Texas, transplanted to New Jersey by way of St. Louis, Elizabeth Akin Stelling is a force of nature. She is a wife, mother, chef, a writer, an activist, and insomniac. She is managing editor of Z-composition Magazine, and has works published in vox poetica, Referential Magazine, Linden Literary Journal, Curio Poetry, Wordgathering, Wild River Review, Tuck Magazine, and culinary trade magazines. Chef E’s food poetry has been heard on CroptoCuisine Radio, and her articles on poetry and art can be found in Lamplighter Magazine- New Jersey’s Alternative Music & Culture Magazine.

Continuing Education-

Laity Lodge Writers Workshop, Leakey, Texas, 2012
AWP, Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference 2013- Boston
US-1 Poets Workshops, 2010-13
Delaware Valley Poets Workshops, 2008-13

Elizabeth has ran Open Mic for poets and musicians 2008-10, Plainsboro, NJ, as well as worked with Isle students in Spoken Word, poetry workshops and Open Mics 2009. E Currently attends local open mics for poetry and music, where she performs old and new work. Her literary band, Red Dashboard performs at local and WAMPP events across New Jersey- Flora Newberry performs jazz trumpet and guitar to her poetry and prose. They have been performing together since 2010.

In high school Elizabeth worked evenings as a typesetter for her home town  local newspaper- The Carrollton Chronicle where she was given the opportunity to write two articles for her high school vocational programs which included her winning Speech Writing and Presentation, 2nd place 1976 in Austin, and 1st place 1977 in Dallas, both articles were published.

Besides a passion for writing E worked in the food industry for over 20 plus years- professional kitchens: Assisted Living Facilities, Hospital, Bed and Breakfast, and as a Dietician’s Assistant during High School 1975-78. E has honed her craft as a line chef and executive chef in Dallas , St. Louis, and Princeton, New Jersey restaurants, where she ran a Bed and Breakfast kitchen, an Ethiopian and Indian restaurant- Red Sea, and her own cookAppeal cafe. She also worked as a private chef for several Princeton, New Jersey families.

Elizabeth ran two palate winning catering businesses, The Cork Screws Wine & Food Experience in Dallas, and cookAppeal Catering and Cafe in Princeton, New Jersey; both included  wine and food pairing. Her passion for food continued in education working as assistant in the classroom and culinary school kitchen as assistant coordinator to Karen Musa, Director of Culinary Arts/Hospitality, Collin County College, Frisco, Texas, and teaching Culinary Arts Prep through Isles School of Trenton, New Jersey. She also enjoys learning global cuisine via tasting, traveling, and cooking classes around the world. E is trained in ethnic cuisine, especially Tex-Mex, Punjabi Indian, Ethiopian, and Korean. You will often see food references in her poetry and essay writing.

Her amazing husband and partner in work (he provides tech support), Robert Stelling, and surviving son, Aaron Glen Dillion continue to give her support, and are her cheering section for all  endeavors.

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cookAppeal    cookAppeal is the chef E side of the poet




Elizabeth Stelling is a working chef/published writer/poet; she hails from Texas where she studied culinary arts. Teaches private/group cooking classes all year

My blog website: Food ~ Wine ~ Fun

Questions can be directed to her at elizabethakinstelling@cookappeal.com (copy and paste into your browser)

Continuing Education:

On-line classes- working in advanced discussions of poetry techniques with the more introductory material. A class which takes shape by the students and their material. Poetry work-shopping with Jessie Carty, MFA, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Introduction to MFA Programs and Poetry Work-shopping

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