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So much has happened over the past two years. It’s been hard to keep up with my blog and other things. I’ve lost 200 lbs, my son got married, new friend drama, which I hate and that girl is gone.

Back on track now. I’ve worked too hard to let drama hold me back.

Red Dashboard LLC Publications, my baby, is doing great, growing, and we hired an assistant! Yay! Meet Rebecca Bonham (see pic below). I was searching for an intern, but in reality I wanted a mature experienced office worker. And ambitious. Someone to help me grow. So far she is a gem. She even called me today and said she was concerned I needed to get out and hit the pavement. Awe, so sweet. She’ll get to know me better, I can’t sit still.

Rebecca Bonham

She is a poet/author, and we discovered her via another NJ author. So glad we connected.

Red Dashboard LLC Publications just released two anthologies- Unbridled via Cowboy Poetry Press, and dis*or*der, mental illness and its affects (influence). Both available for order for more information.

RedD will also have a new anthology coming out in the fall, Moving Beyond Mars, A Voice for Victims of Abuse. Submissions are open until September 15, see details on the submissions page. Speak Out! Stop Abuse…


I hope you guys have the same positive reports. Keep the drama behind you and write! It’s a great healing aspect of my life.