It’s A New Year For Poetry And Me

January 14, 2015


Yes it is indeed.

I had surgery on November 19, 2014, gastric bypass, to lose weight. Something I could not do on my own. I honestly tried so many times. I found myself overwhelmed when my cafe closed, my catering business hanging on by a thread with the economy going down in five years ago. But all is good now. I started at 338 October 2013, I did lose a few pounds by the surgery, 309. Today, 8 weeks post-surgery I am 257. I am doing well, adjusting to my new eating plan, and will continue to staying healthy.

With that note I am also attending a poetry festival beginning tomorrow in Bridgewater, VA at the college. A few poet friends here in New Jersey attend this every year and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. I will be reading, giving a Q&A, and hosting a table for the pub company, Red Dashboard LLC. The only thing about my surgery, before and afterwards, is I haven’t been writing as much as one would like. The muse is standing close, but I’ve let go of her hand a few times lately, hopefully she will not let me down and continue to keep me company.

More information about the festival…

The Bridgewater International Poetry Festival 

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