A Peaceful Disturbance

Laying in the quiet darkness
of a good book and the living room
I hear a splat in the kitchen.
From around the doorway comes
a husband eating a banana.

He offers it up to my lips, ragged
edges brush, and I ask for a whiff.
Eating these thick and fibrous
fruit are not recommended
so late in the afternoon.

A lover brings his fruit close
almost touching my nose,
I sniff and take in its aroma.
It is one of my favorite flavors,
like love making, early mornings.

He dares me to playfully take it.
Into my mouth it goes
deep, deeper, and then I bite.
Only a small piece of the end, I smile.
Chewing, killing silence, with laughter.

I had just read a poem by a new author, his book sent via snail mail and he had written about something else, a different direction I was going with the draft above…

Laying in the quiet darkness
of a good book and the living room
I hear a splat in the kitchen.
From around the doorway comes
a husband eating a banana.

The peel would lay alone
for days, maybe a month
and begin turning slippery,
black and waiting;
for someone to fall into dangerous

disarray on my tile floor.
So I left my comfort zone
and on the way in my big toe
was caught in the carpet,
ripping my big toenail.

Painfully it flew off only
to land near the trash can.
Limping I returned to solace 
and waited for my son’s return.
Irritated at my request for help

he placed it and the yellow present
into the waste basket near the door.
Muttering as more were cleaned
laid to rest together,
it became a mothers compost urn.

I have to work on it, but I love reading others work and being inspired…

1st Annual Red Dashboard LLC Publishing

July 29th, 6:30-9 PM (food and beverage available for purchase)

Poets & Writers Reading and Gathering

1st Annual Red Dashboard LLC Publishing Reading

The Dream Cafe (in back)

5100 Belt Line Rd

Ste 208

Dallas, Texas 75254

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Whether you are one of our authors or just a writer looking for a venue to share your work, you’re welcome to join us!

I will be in town for a week attending the Hico, Texas gathering on the weekend to support a few of our authors and to promote my own book, My South By Southwest: …Recollection, and will be hosting the above event the next Tuesday, July 29th.

Hope to see y’all there!


Elizabeth Akin Stelling, Managing Editor/Educator, Red Dashboard LLC Publishing

Another Acceptance

July 12, 2014

Accepting ourselves is hard most of the time, but waiting on others to accept us, well, our work, it can be grueling. One might forget who they were waiting for…

I’m not sure why it took them so long to email me, but Literary Mama accepted a poem I wrote in the spring 2013, maybe sooner, I really do not remember. I often wonder if I should date my work. It was also an early draft. Poets get antsy and submit before the work is ready to speak. So Surprise! It spoke to someone.

It is due to go up March, 2015- seems like a long way off, but I’ll take it.

The title changed though, and the format, it was ‘Any Given Day’, and now it is ‘Paths That Carry Familiarity’. It appears in my new book, My South By Southwest: …Recollection.

Out of respect for the magazine I will not post the piece, either form, but it was about a moment I had forgotten in the past and a flashing light had it flooding back…