It’s been great getting random phone calls about my book. I notice a few sold today, it is exciting. Nerve racking, because I wonder, self doubt creeps in.

I wrote this on the spot for another writer, she asked if I felt naked when people read about my life? It’s all tongue and cheek, but here is my reply…


Song and Dance, One Isle Over

My mother stopped to talk
to a man looking for split pea
soup ingredients.
She told him to season with
salt pork, tiny pieces in a skillet.
Dice the onions really good, add water
because some people do not eat them
and don’t want them visible.
But it’s important to layer flavor.

He rubbed his belly as she went on,
smiling and shaking his head. Those eyes
as wide as the smile on the Green Giant.
“Oh, make sure you buy frozen peas
if you can’t cook fresh. Never canned.”
My sister and I  just stood there,
holding on to the cart. I rolled
my hazel eyes, as if to say
Oh nooo, here we go again!

Mom began telling the complete
stranger about her hypertension,
a fancy name for something you get
when your body can’t process
all the salt. Her tears began to fall.

And like a deer in headlights
the person is sure to be the kill.
The innocent deer came out
of the canned goods forest
for a little salt lick, but was
shot dead with a thousand
buck shot of words.

By now my brother was two
isles over calling out for us.
Little sister, Mary, shouted out to him
“We’re over here Alton, still.
She’s about to tell Mr. So and so
about the time we all were
locked in the car, and daddy
sat drunk in his underwear
on the boat, embarrassing his self.”

Yes, it almost happened…

LZCrush copy copy


Oh, let it be so, let it be so. I have this manuscript I worked on four years ago, back and forth on what form to write in. After reading Toby Barlow’s Sharp Teeth, I fell in love with long¬†free verse. I love that style. Easy to read, before you know it, you’ve moved on to the middle of the book.

I’ve been looking for an artist who would take interest in the book, someone who loves horror, but with a sense of humor. I envisioned the book as a comic of some sort, making heroes out of the characters that reveal themselves throughout the book. I may have found someone. It motivates me to get back in, tear it apart, or continue with the second draft of the manuscript. I was torn on what book to begin working on after my first. In my head I could see each project in line, waiting like actresses wanting a part in an upcoming movie. The casting call is on…





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