Radio Plug and Rock-n-roll

March 31, 2014

Garland Jeffreys2

What a weekend! I had a chance to go into NYC with my buddy Dennis McDonough, who writes for Elmore Magazine, NYC/NJ. They send him into the city to catch acts here and everywhere. He talks about this stuff, and about going onto WBAI with Bob Fass, Radio Unnamable. I have never caught him on, feel bad about it, but man he is a whip when it comes to music knowledge and poetry.

He ask if I wanted to go on with him one Thursday, I said Heck yeah! So we planned it, but in and around a few acts he had to cover- John Gorka and Garland Jeffreys. And as I said, it freaking rocked. These guys are great, in spite their celebrity, they allowed me to hang out. They adore Dennis, he has given them great press, but why not there shows were awesome.

I passed a bootleg copy of my book onto both, we shall see. I got an email from one of them, thanking me. Thrilling! Okay, I am a groupie, sooooo.

If you want to hear me, go here: WBAI > find this below, Radio Unnameable>



scroll mp bar over to 2:44 and you will hear Dennis begin singing Happy Birthday to the station host friend ,Lenny. I’ve been invited back this Thursday for more time. It’ s too long to explain why we only got 17 mins.


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