More 1st Book News And A New Review

March 11, 2014

Wow! What a past few weeks. The pressure is on to read manuscripts, get ezines in order for our first print anthologies, and get a few books to print for Red Dashboard LLC Publishing.

TMI- I had to go in for tests which check for esophagus damage from reflux before I can have weight loss surgery, i. e. the Sleeve in May. I did, but it seems the damage is there and I am not sure whether the doctors will go through with it. I am waiting for a biopsy result. Sigh. Oh well I am losing 2 lbs a week on my new life change eating plan. Yes, that is a kind of made up name for what I am doing, some call it Atkins. Healthy is what it is. High protein and veggies, low to no carbs, no sugar, no soda, no alcohol, and a cheat day here and there.

The most important part is chewing slowly with small portions and bites. Easy right? Uh huh.

BOOK NEWS: The proof copies came out and due to a few issues on the interior and exterior it went back to the editing table. My book, My South By Southwest: A Cast Iron Recollection should be ready by the beginning of April. Sometimes you just have no idea what something will look like until you print it. And printing is so easy, it’s the delivery that takes up time.

One of my poems from the book was accepted by the Texas Observer Magazine last week. “Cowtown, Texas, 1975” is a piece written about small town life: town centers filled with agricultural awareness and small theaters, sometimes the only place kids had to go growing up, outside of spinning truck wheels on gravel roads, and that didn’t always keep us out of trouble.

Another review rolled in-

“My South by Southwest: A Cast Iron Tempo Recollection  is a provocative collection that chronicles a special quietude inside thunderstorms that unsettle both earth and heart. Elizabeth Akin Stelling is a poet prospecting as storyteller.  She masterfully unearths emotional trapdoors, unexpected complexities, humor, and the resiliency of mature love. These poems celebrate triumph, fearless honesty, and the pursuit of grace. Elizabeth Akin Stelling drowns the page in red clay misery. Her two step small talk is the language of power needed for the price you pay to roam free in harsh country.” – Jaki Shelton Green, author, Breath of the Song.

I’m very privileged to have had so many good reviews. The book was written in fond memory of my parents and upbringing in Central Texas and visiting all other parts of Texas.


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