Old West Revivalist- Poet

January 22, 2014

Bison2 copy

Yeah, I like the sound of that. No real preaching, but yet reminders- of what once was.

It’s never gone when you rise it up in story. Line by line reminding others.

The Mythic West in Twentieth-Century America by Robert Athearn does it. I was very inspired by this book. Lent it to a friend, and hope I get it back.

We will never get the old west back, the wild is completely lost. It was too rugged for the folks back east. Many wanted it eradicated. The old west became a side show for them, rather than go visit. The population wanted civilized, similarity, and overly cloned society.

When  terror becomes the backbone of modernization, it disguises itself as bravery, and destroys what was once dear to many. They can live side by side. Destroy extinct madness.

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