Officially, My First Full-length Book

December 18, 2013



It’s getting closer. A project I’ve worked on for five years. My book began as a pilgrimage of my family. Then I wrote a grief manuscript. Then a childhood prose book emerged. I went back to the family m/s under pressure from hubs to get something done, but it didn’t feel right. I sent it out a few years ago and got mixed feelings. It was a mish mash of so many things, so many good things, but not meant to be thrown together.

I went back to the drawing board and turned ‘Cast Iron Tempo’ into ‘My South By Southwest…’, and sought out a writing coach team over the past year to develop what turned into my new body of work. It still contains elements of my family, but after reading The Mystic West by Robert Athearn, well, my work has really developed.

Now the question, do I self publish? Or seek out another press.

Here is an excerpt (lines which aren’t all together, parts) from one of the poems.

“Before Sunrise Finds You”

Southerners, like me –

with a drawl and a twist of the eye
Y’all come visit now.

Oh my darlin, oh my darlin
Let songs wet your lips: press them
into sweet honey dripping,
from morning biscuits,

half a dozen, buttery smooth
as the tip of a cowboy’s hat…

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