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October 25, 2013

We all know how it is trying to get a manuscript ready for submitting. I finally finished mine after two years of struggling to write material. Thankfully some inspiration came in since April and I managed to write lots and lots of material, and in between writing material for other ones.

This came to me after a writing prompt from a Nawlins fiction writer friend posted-

‘Big Topic Friday: a time you had to perform in public.’

My 1st Spoken Word Performance, 1967

I wasn’t pushed on stage. It just so happened I had taken a place to the right of center stage— a birthday celebration perhaps? The last platter of food was set down in the middle of the family table by my mother; my grandparents, aunts and uncles, two other siblings and cousins were sitting in between the end seats when someone called out “Whose going to say grace?” Everyone had just settled down from my father’s funny bone act, and somehow I got the bright idea to compete with that. “I will!” came out of my mouth.

What had prompted me I should have thought otherwise?

My father looking puzzled at his normally shy daughter said okay. A bit hesitant, but smiling confident I belted out. “Good food, good meat, good Lord let’s eat!” Everyone looked stunned. But the children burst out laughing. Dad grabbed me with his Shepard’s hook and dragged me out of my chair. I was sent to my room. His grumbles were less than rave reviews at my performance. It was many years before my imagination played a role in any activities outside of the swing set where “I’ve got a melancholy frog in my throat” rose up through squirrel nose bleed seats in the old pecan outside our house on Colony Court.

It’s not a Pulitzer prize winning piece, but hey any practice is practice!

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