Leaving a dry spell…

June 10, 2013

I have been caught up in editing/publishing duties, classes, and other life stuff. Haven’t written much outside of that…until I saw a photo and found myself thinking of my expired youth. On the outside of the body, inside, I still feel 20. No 33, that was the best year, and I traveled to Ireland for three weeks. Will say no more, just leave you with this…


Mom Said Good Thing You’re Pretty


‘Me being ‘Kward’ was written

across the bottom a photo. A beautiful blonde

girl or woman

stacked in a pile of photos

fallen across the coffee table of a friend.

Her daughter was barely eighteen and I found myself

a bit jealous of youth in a crowd

of dripping hormones and angst pool side.


Reminded me of myself

three decades ago; posing on the hood

of an old restored Chevy, painted red—

my peach sun dress barely on my shoulders,

busty and hips bursting through, and my mind

was still on a quarter tank.


Are females hood ornaments

driving through a parade of testosterones.

Me. I was little embarrassed and shy

of exposing thighs on a set of legs

my mother always told strangers

was one of my best attributes.

I believe it’s now considered old fashioned

and prudish to think all you need is a good set

of teeth, strong arms, and good hips

to make it in the world.

( a total draft, I already have ideas of additions and subtractions)

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