This is a very fresh off the grill draft…

April 21, 2013

Blind Date Delmonico

I arrived at his apartment in a low rent neighborhood. I grew up poor. He answered the door in leather pants and a black leather vest. No shirt underneath. I liked his long reddish wavy hair. His lips looked like a familiar rock star. He spoke with intelligence and some felinity, but he had no cats. I suggested dinner, so we did fast food. We talked of books, poetry, and music on the short drive. I felt his eyes on me the whole time. When we returned, I drove because he had no car, his apartment had been robbed. I noticed they left his broken down guitar. Torn strings and worn out bridge. He was sad they took his new TV. He played a few riffs and complained. He would miss football. We didn’t speak the rest of the night.

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